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Learn about the Jewishness of Jesus, GOD's desire for a unified and diverse family, and the role of Israel and the Church in hastening the return of the LORD.


GOD’s Amazing Plan

of Redemption

In this class, we will explore the following questions: 

  • What is the overall timeline of events in GOD’s redemption story?

  • Is there continuity between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

  • Why does Israel matter, and what role does the Church play in the return of Jesus?

  • Why is it important for Jewish people to remain Jewish when they become disciples of Jesus? 


A Biblical Messianic Worldview

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Are You Ready to Grow Your Understanding of GOD & the Bible? 

This 5-week class will:

  • Walk you through the timeline of GOD’s rich history of redemption by journeying from the Garden of Eden to the New Jerusalem Garden-City.  
  • Teach you a foundational Biblical theology that emphasizes GOD’s desire for a unified and diverse family. 
  • Help you understand the role of Israel & the Church in the Biblical Story. 
  • Show you where the Family of Messiah has come from, where we’re going, and what needs to happen for King Jesus to return!

Course Details


  • 5-Week Online Course 
  • 2 Recorded Video Classes Released Every Thursday
  • 1 Live Online Class Every Week
  • Unlimited Access to All Recorded Video Classes and Recorded Live Classes

Overview of the Biblical Messianic Worldview 

This first week gives an overview of the biblical story by introducing the Kingdom Family Timeline which introduces the epic events in redemption history. This provides the structure for the rest of the course as we walk through each phase of the timeline.  

We discover GOD's desire for a unified but distinct family begins in the Garden of Eden and explore the foundational idea of biblical covenant and how it used as an instrument of relationship throughout the biblical story.


Israel, King Jesus, and The Bride 

We explore the unique calling and purpose of Israel, the establishment of the New Covenant through the first coming of King Jesus, and subsequent birth of the New Covenant Family—the Bride of Messiah.   

We learn that the family of Israel is at the heart of the Biblical story and why this is good news for all the nations on the earth. By reliving Israel's story, Jesus the Messiah makes a way for the whole world to be a part of His Kingdom family forever.    


The Great Commission, Israel’s History, and the Fullness of the Gentiles

We break down both Church History and Israel’s History and see how it leads to the Fullness of the Gentiles. These two challenging streams of history both demonstrate the faithfulness of God in profound ways.  

We also discover the unique time in history in which we are alive which helps us to see how GOD’s desire for a family and His faithfulness to His covenants give us hope for His soon return.   


Bridal Unity, Bridal Distinctions, and the Return of King Jesus

We start to see what needs to happen for King Jesus to return as we explore the depths of Jesus' unanswered prayer of John 17 and what it means to truly be the One New Man— a unified family of Jew and Gentile—before His return.

We see how history progresses to the last of the last days and the important role of Israel and the Church in the return of King Jesus.


New Jerusalem Garden, To the Jew First, and What Now?

We finish the course by seeing how King Jesus ushers humanity into the age to come and His family into the New Jerusalem Garden-City. 

We also discuss practical implications from the material covered in this course and how the "to the Jew first" principle should inform our lives and ministries.  

Theology and Biblical interpretation are so important but… unto what? We will talk about how to take this material and integrate it into real life with the hope that GOD’s desire for a Unified Kingdom Family is fulfilled.


I'm Dr. Tom Blake

In 2009-2010, my wife and I lost two young sons—nine months apart. As we walked through our deep grief and pain with our family and community, we experienced the goodness of GOD and His steadfast presence. Having a Biblical Messianic Worldview enabled us to experience GOD's faithfulness in the midst of suffering. Today we have four children on the earth, and in 2021 we released a documentary film about our story, “Still So Alive.”

I spent two years studying in Jerusalem and have a doctorate in Messianic Jewish Studies from The King's University where I am also an adjunct professor. I am the executive director of the non-profit ministry Remember Jerusalem and its media production arm Grafted, as well as a local elder of Kingdom Living Messianic Congregation, an apostolic team member of Tikkun America, and an emissary of Revive Israel-Tikkun Global.